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TBC Property Management was purchased from The Brandt Property Management company on January 1st 2016. The Brandt’s had been in the business of property management for over 30 years.

The owners now are Thierry Bonnetain and Nadine Bonnetain. They owned property managed by the Brant company and fell in love with Fort Collins. As clients they were very impressed with the services they received from the company and its employees so when the opportunity came to buy the property management company they did not hesitate. One condition of the purchase was to retain the employees that had been working as property managers.

Cara Bellman is the book keeper and over all assistant at TBC Property Management. She has years of experience working with owners and tenants as well. Property management requires the ability to coordinate all aspects of these relationships and she performs the task like an expert.

Michelle miller is the employing broker at TBC Property Management. She also is responsible to care for the owners and tenant on a very personal level. Michelle is a licensee broker and a member of the national association of residential property managers (NARPM) She is also very active in the Fort Collins Chamber of commerce. It is her duty to find new owners and arrange for their property management needs. It is her goal to meet each owners needs on a personal basis. Not all owners want to have their property management services to be the same. Some owners are very involved in their property management, while others want TBC Property Management to handle every detail without being involved in any way.

Some questions you may ask yourself when needing services for your investment property are as follows.

Are you tired of the maintence of your property? Management could be your answer. At TBC Property Management, we provide everything you need to maintain and protect your investment. We hire professional in all areas of repair and remodeling. We have contractors that work for us when needs arise. If a bigger project is required we will arrange to have several bids for you to choose from.

Is it hard for you to rent your property? Management can handle this for you also. At TBC Property Management, we will market your property and do all the showings. We will handle the application process and qualifying of the applicant. We will prepare the property management contracts and needed forms to abide by the laws in Colorado and the city of fort Collins.

TBC Property Management does not work in the area of buying or selling Real Estate. Property management is our only focus in order to provide you with the best service available.

Please call to consider using our property management services. We will arrange a plan that works best for your investment property needs. Our mission is to grow to be one of fort Collins most successful property management business available. We are happily on our way to achieve this goal due to our satisfied clients.

References are available upon request. 

Thank you from all of us at TBC Property Management.